Oberleutnant (Sr. Lt.) Axel Bieber

Axel Bieber
Faction Axis
Nationality Germany
Occupation Technician
Birthday March 5, 1916
Height 1,62 m
Weight 67 kg
Family status Single

Axel Bieber, commonly known as Axel, is a Oberleutnant and technician from Germany (Third Reich). His father was known as Holger Bieber and he's already died short after his birth. His mothers name is Gretchen Bieber.

Operation Edit

Oberleutnant Axel Bieber could ascend extremly fast, thanks to his innate talent, that the german called "Schleimschieber" (translated: slime slider). He is unbelievable intelligent and highly qualified in the sections technic and medicine. He also has a sharp observation skill. These strengths will be surpassed by his loyalty and eagerness, to put them into practice.

Personal history Edit

Axel Bieber came one year after the beginning of the "War, which was supposed to end all wars" in Hamburg into the world. His never met his father, which is a Zeppelin pilot. The airship L-24[1] from captain Holger Bieber was shot down with british "Brock" munition over the atlantic in 1917. There are no survivors. In 1933, Axel enrolled at the University of Hamburg and his mother, Gretchen (Vogel) Bieber, moved to Berlin, where she lives with her sister.

Axel Bieber got to feel the respect of the military for the first time, when he joined a patriotic youth organisation. Year later, he enjoyed the authority, who was connected with the delivery of registration notices to households in his district. In 1939 he voluntarily conscript, and offered his technical expertise to the Third Reich.

Maybe his require to superiority comes from his size - or better the lack thereof. He is in every case a determined german warrior, which will revenge the humiliation of his fatherland.

Considerable Edit

In 1937, he makes his exam at the technical university of Hamburg. 1932 he had a blind date with Eva Braun, and he asserted, they had much fun thereby.

Inventory Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The family name maybe comes from the german general Helmut Bieber.

References Edit

  1. There was actually a Zeppelin named L 24, this bumped at the "Einhallen" in Tondern on December 28, 1916 against a wall and burning down together with the LZ53 „L17“.
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