Oberfähnrich Fritz Wagner

Oberfähnrich Fritz Wagner
Faction Axis
Nationality Germany
Occupation Soldier
Birthday September 2, 1919
Height 1.86 m
Weight 86 kg
Family status Engaged with distant cousin

Fritz Wagner, commonly known as Fritz, is a Oberfähnrich (middy) and soldier from Germany (Third Reich). He is born in america and his mothers name is Emma Wagner.

Operation Edit

Oberfähnrich Wagner is a strong soldier. He is indeed just moderate educated, but he has a distinct conscience. Altough he has not the knowledge in the sections technic, medicine and oberservation, that he needs on the battlefield, he has pronounceded wide qualifications in the infantry. Fritz maybe don't know why he fight, but he is ready to do this till his dead. He hopes that he finds by hisself the brave, which he needs in the battle.

Personal history Edit

Fritz Wagner came as extramarital child in Philadelphia, in the american state Pennsylvania, into the world. His mother, the in germany born Emma Wagner, was a sixteen-years-old maid, his father a unknown american soldier, which cames back from the first world war.

When Fritz was 13, his mother wanted to marry a regarded banker, whose Familie it insisted that the extramarital son "best elsewhere was accommodated". In June 1933, the boy was send abroad, to live and work by his grandparents in the german Oberkalbach. In 1939 he entered reluctantly at the behest of his grandfather, which he had built up a close relationship, in the German army.

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Trivia Edit

  • There was many persons witht the name Fritz Wagner.
  • Emma Wagner, the name of his mother, is a very unknown name.
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