Hadnagy (Lt.) Gari Kovacs

Gari Kovacs
Faction Axis
Nationality Hungary
Occupation Medic
Birthday June 24, 1913
Height 1.75 m
Weight 66 kg
Family status Married, two children

Gari Kovacs, commonly known as Gari, is a Hadnagy (Lieutenant) and doctor from Hungary. His mothers name is Danos Kovacs and his fathers name is Degi Kovacs. He also got a brother named Sando Kovacs, who is a criminal. He is married to Jelena Naov, with whom he has two children.

Operation Edit

The fact, that Hadnagy Gari Kovacs serves as a doctor in the military, seems to be a little bit ironical. He goes away from the university one year before the medicine exam, cause he can not suffer blood or traumata. Instead of this he studies engineering, where he scored best performance without compromise. This prehistory makes him to a extremely intelligent soldiers, which knows of two highly skilled disciplines and can engage in these two areas in the heat of battle.

Personal history Edit

Gari Kovacs came in the hungary Kaposvar into the world. His parents, Danos and Degi Kovacs, was workes, which toiled down so that her child was able to attend a University. Danos worked as street cleaner, Degi as sewer. Her second child, Garis older brother Sando, came already at an early age in conflict with the law and seems to be not solve this problem till today.

As Gari graduated from the Medical University of Debrecen, the heart of the Kovacs brokes. He married Jelena Naov, a medicine fellow student, which remained at the university, makes her exam and becames a doctor. Gari Kovacs later enrolled at the Technical University of Budapest and graduated with a technical degree. At the end of the year 1941 he goes as officer in the hungarian army and the Kovacs suffered the next shock.

Considerable Edit

Two hours military service at the Eastern Front brings him the blood and the entrails, that he has loathed, so near, that he must lay off his aversion fast. That he survives the heavy fights with the Red Army proves, how much he has improved in the use of firearms.

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  1. Javier was called a grenadier
    in his file, but he was a technician.