Lieutenant (Lt.) Kateri Martin

Faction Allies
Nationality USA
Occupation Scout
Birthday April 10, 1923
Height 5 ' 9"
Weight 161
Family status Married, One child
Kateri Martin, commonly known as Kate, is a lieutenant and scout from USA.

 Operation Edit

When Lieutenant Kateri Martin joined up, she planned on being a nurse and a comforter to the wounded. Unfortunately, she had absolutely no aptitude for nursing or any other field involving higher learning. However, she proved deadly in closed quartered combat. She has the family trait of excellent vision and observation and is so dedicated and determined that she never seems to run out of steam.

Personal history Edit

Kateri Martin was born on the Khanawake reserve in Quebec, Canada. She was the last child in a family of eight and the only girl. All the males in her family, including her father, returned home from work every other weekend. Like many Mohawk Indians, they were ironworkers who specialised in working at extreme heights. They had built the high-rises of New York and the expansive structures that crossed the St. Lawrence Seaway bridging the United States and Canada.

Her grandfather, "Eagle Eye", was a tribal elder and naturalist who had a positive influence on Kateri's life, teaching her the ancient ways - the ways of the Indian Scout. Her father, "Son of Eagle Eye", was a proud veteran of the Great War and had been awarded numerous medals. He instilled in her a sense of duty and honor. Following in his footsteps, she joined the Canadian Third Division in the middle of 1940.

Noteworthy Accomplishments Edit

As a native North American, Kateri Martin could have enlisted in either Canadian or American military, but in 1940, the Japanese had yet to make the mistake of bombing Pearl Harbor so the Americans were still neutral.

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