Leutnant (Lt.) Klaus Schmidt

Klaus Schmidt
Faction Axis
Nationality Germany
Occupation Sniper
Birthday December 25, 1911
Height 1.72 m
Weight 74 kg
Family status Widower

Klaus Schmidt, commonly known as Klaus, is a Lieutenant and sniper from Germany (Third Reich). His mothers name was Berta (Adler) Schmidt and she dies in 1916 in a work accident. His father Eckert Schmidt died a decade later on his alcoholism.

He was married with Monika Schmidt (born: Hertz), until she died unter mysterious circumstances in 1936.

Operation Edit

It would be hard to find a person that gives the view of war destruction more pleasure as Lieutenant Klaus Schmidt. He is a bloodthirsty sniper, which over long ranges as well - just as effective - can carry out the enemy in close combat. He deals with the members of his own squad but impatient, but he takes every necessary second to stalk the enemy and surprise him.

Personal history Edit

The in the german Essen born Schmidt was a witness of the dangers of the life in the military-industrial heart of germany in the formative years of the First world war. In 1916 his mother, Berta (Adler) Schmidt, dies of the consequences of an accident at work in the ammunition factory[1], in which she worked. The father, Eckert, survived the war, but drank himself to death only a decade later.

Klaus Schmidt took on several jobs and lives in hostels. The File of his violent crimes was getting longer and longer. In 1936 his wive, Monika (Hertz) Schmidt, died unter mysterious circumstances.

Klaus claims to have lost his left eye by a shrapnel injury, although the files contain no references to the treatment of such violation. Instead it they assumes that he removes his eye by hisself, to correct the eye defect, to squint when he aims.

Considerable Edit

Before the war he was admitted twice. In 1930 he could fly out of the solitary confinement. In 1941 he just want to leave the hospital through the front entrance, as a smug army doctor, that searchs after blood-hungry recruits, dismitted him out of the hospital and declared him for duty.

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  1. Most likely, the Krupp steel factory is meant.
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    in his file, but he was a technician.