This is a list of missions in the Silent Storm series.

Silent StormEdit

Axis CampaignEdit


This mission has the player stopping a bank robbery.

Squad BaseEdit

The squad base is the hub of the entire campaign.

North Britain Edit

South Britain Edit

Document’s transfer place Edit

Hannover Edit

Brandenburg Edit

Ural Mountains Edit

Local Russian Commandant's Office Edit
Russian Military Factory Edit
Unknown Complex Edit

Switzerland Edit

Berger's Factory Edit

Organization Base Edit

Allied CampaignEdit


This mission involves the player protecting his commander from Axis soldiers.

Squad BaseEdit

As with the Axis campaign, the squad base acts as the hub.

North BritainEdit

UK Commandant's Office Edit
Old English ManorEdit
UK Military WarehouseEdit
A Small English TownEdit
Organization's StorehouseEdit
Agent's CacheEdit

South BritainEdit

Place Marked on the MapEdit
English Rural HouseEdit
UK LaboratoryEdit
Small English VillageEdit
Document's Transfer PlaceEdit


General Bauer's HeadquartersEdit
German Intelligence HQEdit
German LaboratoryEdit


German TownEdit
German ManorEdit
German Weapon FactoryEdit

Ural MountainsEdit

Local Russian Commandant's OfficeEdit
Russian Military FactoryEdit
Unknown ComplexEdit


Berger's FactoryEdit

Organization BaseEdit

Silent Storm: SentinelsEdit


Squad BaseEdit